Vehicle Magnets

Look professional 9 – 5 during the week and still have your vehicle for the weekend. Our vehicle magnets can easily be removed to do just that.

Choose from one or two color graphics, or full color printing. Pricing listed is per set (2 per set).

Size 1 to 2 Color & Full Color Set
12" x 24" $77.99
14" x 24" $88.99
16" x 24" $94.99
Larger Size Call us at 216.486.7518 for a quote or click here for a quote.
Art fee extra if applicable. Use of Design Idea for Vehicle Magnets is free. Additional fee may be assessed if design goes outside the template.

Design Ideas For Vehicle Magnets

Idea 1

Centered design, available in other colors/multiple. Large phone number.

Idea 2

Arched Over Title with information below, phone number highlighted below in color bar.

Idea 3

Company Title Centered with Information left aligned, with optional company logo on the right.

Idea 4

Company name above, and bulleted information, large phone number with email below it in color bar.

Idea 5

Arched centered company name, centered design with optional graphic.

Idea 6

Large bold text for company name, and address listed below in small text

Idea 7

Company logo highlighted in a box with larger phone numbers below.

Idea 8

Company logo with information left aligned.

Idea 9

Company title, logo to the left, tagline then phone number added

Idea 10

Full Color graphic, imagery in the background, large company title.